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We are industry leaders, seasoned investors, and select experts, supporting entrepreneurs from start to finish.


Fortino Capital Partners was founded in 2013 with the desire to further the tech ecosystem in North Western Europe.

In 2017, we raised a €240M Growth PE Fund to invest in larger-growth equity tickets.

Second Venture Fund

In 2020, we launched our second venture fund of up to €100M for VC investments in B2B software and tech companies.


AIFM License

We have been licensed as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager since 2018, aligning ourselves with the EU’s AIFM Directive.

The license ensures complete transparency in what we do and is a recognition of our professional commitment to quality in the work we do, of the assessments of the investment risks we encounter and are willing to accept.



The value we bring

Our professional network of VC and PE firms, operating partners and industry experts serves one sole purpose: bringing our companies to the next level. Its quality reflects almost 20 years of deep, meaningful working relationships.

Nick Poels & Alex Lisitzky, SupplyStack

For Companies

Our entrepreneurs and management teams face challenging circumstances, forced to make plenty of high-stake decisions. We help them deal with everything from strategy and operations to talent management and organizational design.

And because we believe that community generates unity and success, we foster engagement between our portfolio executives. These regular meetups allow us all to learn from each other and grow.


For Investors

Our investors include private family offices, well-known entrepreneurs, and renowned Benelux-based financial institutions. Our doors are open to them year-round. 

Be it through quarterly reports, regular company visits, the monitoring tools we provide, or the communication we foster between investors and our companies, we’re proud to consider our investors as active members of our team.

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