Real Impact Analytics is proud to announce the appointment of Xavier Pansaers as new Chief Revenue Officer
Formerly Chief Operating Officer at Odoo, Xavier has a strong track record in tech company scale-ups. During his mandate, Odoo transformed a local service company to a multinational software company generating multi-million euros in yearly recurring revenue.
His sharp product vision and experience in process industrialization will be a major asset in Real Impact Analytics’ further development. As Xavier Pansaers puts it, “It is the best moment for me to join Real Impact Analytics, as their core product lines have now proved real traction in the market. I am eager to build on this product-market fit and scale the company in a recurring and profitable mode.”
Since the 12 million euro fundraising operation closed last year, Real Impact Analytics has focused its product portfolio on two major use cases within the telecom industry: indirect Sales & Distribution optimization and network investments optimization. According to Sébastien Deletaille, CEO of Real Impact Analytics: “Thanks to the feedback of our clients and the continuous efforts of our team, we are now ready for acceleration. Our S&D solution has confirmed its potential to address the challenges of telecom operators active in emerging countries. Besides, our Smart CAPEX suite of apps perfectly fits with the needs of European telecom companies that have all heavy network investments on their agenda. Xavier is the right person to make this great product combination a global success.”

About Real Impact Analytics

Founded in 2009 by Sébastien Deletaille and Loïc Jacobs, Real Impact Analytics captures the value in telecom data by “appifying big data”. Through apps, Real Impact Analytics breaks tech silos and brings analytical insights directly into the hands of operational teams. In both indirect sales and network CAPEX use cases, Real Impact Analytics’ apps give end-users instant access to the insights they need, trigger the most impactful actions and track the results of the decisions made. Real Impact Analytics works with 6 of the 10 biggest global telecom operators.